Silky Oak Country Club

20101872713540 minutes from downtown.

Silky Oak is the latest addition of the St.Andrews2000 group, it shares the same venue with the famous St.Andrews2000, and Rayong Green Valley Country Club, Silky Oak is distinctively named after a native of Australian tree that resembles pine tree and is the main tree planted throughout the golf course, the backside of the leaf has the colour of silver gray colour that looks attractively with the wind.

Silky Oak Golf Club in Banchang is conceptually designed to differentiate itself from the other traditional designed courses, Silky Oak offers golfers a different feel to St.Andrews2000 and Rayong Green Valley courses, the course has wider fairways and larger greens but still requires a decent short game, combined with the St.Andrews2000 and the Rayong Green Valley it’s conveniently the one stop golf holidays destination.

The clubhouse and other facilities at Silky Oak are adequate, but nothing special as compared to the golf course which is quite spectacular; make sure you arrive early as it is a 10 minute drive by golf cart from the clubhouse to the first hole.